Rain strip under chrome cover on the door left W123 C123 CE CD Coupé


Mercedes Benz rain strip under chrome cover on the door left  W123 C123 CE CD Coupé

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  • OE-Partnumbers Fit as a partial replacement to the part numbers*: A1236901780, A123 690 1780, A123 690 17 80** *This item will not replace above mentioned part numbers! **Original part numbers are for comparison purposes only.

Reference: WDBT0000003

Condition: New product

Delivery time: 1-4 working days (depending on destination)

A rain strip of the driver side (left) for a Mercedes Benz W123 Coupe CD.
The rain strips are located under the chrome cover on the driver's door and must be shortened at assembly.

You need to order two rain strips for a vehicle (driver's and passenger's side).

All given part numbers are for comparsion only. The offered products are not original parts.

Only the illustrated rain strip will be delivered not chrome.

Also available as a set - article number: "WDBT0000003_SET".